Tom and Sandy   Koranda

Hi, I'm Sandy Koranda and welcome to San-Tina Little Paws!
  My husband Tom and I live on 12 acres in South Dakota, where the summers are hot and the winters are cold.  Even so, it is a wonderful state to raise a family.  I am located thirty miles north of Sioux Falls, near the small community of Colman.  I have always loved animals of every kind, and love wildlife as well.  I have three cats, which have adopted us, as well as a ferret in the house.   Tom and I love to go camping with our horses (yes we have them as well). Of course some of the dogs get to go along camping too!   

Me and my son in law Chad

My children are all grown.  Tommy, Angie, and Melissa live in      Minnesota.   Our youngest Christina, is 24, and lives near me on an acreage of her own with her husband Chad, and two children, Caeden and Cyrah.  

Christina grew up helping me in the kennel.  Her main job, was socializing the puppies..what a great job!  As she got older, she had to feed, water, clean kennels,  and eventually even help me whelp puppies.  My daughter always had a soft spot for the tiny ones and would make sure they got their chance to nurse on mom.  Even now, if I have to go out of town, Christina comes over and takes care of everybody.  History repeats itself, as now my new helpers are my grandchildren.  Their job is to socialize my puppies, as their mom did so many years ago.


Caeden and Cyrah.





After almost 20 years of raising dogs, whelping in the bedroom and kitchen,

  and having puppies underfoot,  I have been fortunate enough to build a new kennel.  I must thank my husband Tom, and some very close friends, Mike, Dave, Val  and Nick for making my dream a reality.
   Tom is a heavy equipment operator, and works very long hours himself.  Every weekend he and our friends would work on my kennel.  It was finally done in August 2001!  I have indoor-outdoor runs with shade in the summer.  The entire kennel has central air and heat.  There is a separate whelping room, and a puppy playroom. In my opinion, the biggest feature is the play area for the adults.  I have an area of a half-acre, which is fenced, equipped with a kid size swimming pool, and has lots of grass in the summer.  My plan is to add on another half acre this year.  Even in winter, they all go out to play in the snow. I feel it is very important for all my dogs to interact with each other and myself daily. They may be adults, but they still need to play, and so do I!  When weather permits, the puppies go out in their own special play yard. Exposure to new sights, sounds, tastes, and smells is a very integral part of their overall development.  In the winter the puppies remain inside where they have an abundance of toys in their playroom to keep them occupied.  My grandchildren are here regularly, and love to spend time with the puppies.  The highlight of my day is to sit outside and watch my whole tribe run! 


Please note San-Tina Little Paws is not a show kennel.  While many of my dogs have Champions in their pedigrees, my main goal is to produce quality puppies, which mature to be excellent representations of the breed, with or without a title.  My puppies are healthy, well socialized and happy when they leave here. All puppies are AKC registered.  I am constantly trying to improve, and will do so as long as I continue to raise puppies.  In my opinion, no matter how many years "any" breeder has been raising dogs, there is always something new to learn.  There is no perfection, only the drive to attain it!  I hope you enjoy your visit with us.  

Thanks for stopping by!  


San-Tina Little Paws 

Sandy Koranda 

Colman, SD

(605) 534-3265


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